George Yaghi

Custom Tailor and Alterations for Men & Women  

                                 45 Years of Experience


" I would just like to say how happy I am with your alteration service. The fit is perfect and awesome. More people should know about George Yaghi - tailor expert. "

" George was my tailor and he is great. Knows tailoring well and very pleasant. Just brought my pants back after picking them up two days ago, for slight adjustment. And he did if for me in 10 mins. "

" Great work. George Yaghi Custom Tailors fixed me up right best tailor in Las Vegas. "

" George Yaghi Custom Tailor just delivered some new suits and I have to say I look definitely in better shape than I really am. George Yaghi Custom Tailor was introduced to me by my business partner who thought I needed sartorial improvement. Highly recommended to any business people thinking about investing in new attire. "

George Yaghi, custom tailor, has spent 45 years as an expert designer and custom tailor in men's and women's fashion.  His success comes from a combination of talent and reputation.

Based in Las Vegas for the past 34 years, this esteemed "Maestro Sarto"  has developed a clientele both locally and around the world.  George creates one-of-a-kind pieces for his loyal clientele.

In his 5,000 square foot studio in Las Vegas, George designs and carefully crafts men's and women's suits, wedding dresses and tuxedos, and creates special requests from the customer for any type of design.

"I am an artist," George asserts, and he jokes, "also a cosmetic surgeon with the perfect garments that fit the body."  The improvements that come with well-tailored apparel can have a truly positive effect on a person's social and professional advancement. 

George does what accomplished tailors like to do---"to work with people who love to dress."

Providing fashion forward designs to his clientele, George has a specific mission:  Las Vegas is the capital of entertainment---why not also the capital of fashion.

About George